Gelusil® Antacid/Anti-gas tablets adding stores during re-launch!

WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corporation re-launched the famous
Gelusil® brand earlier this year with a compelling package design change and consumer marketing program that included a National FSI coupon.

Retailer acceptance has been positive to the fresh new look of the package as the active ingredients of
Alumina, Magnesia, and Simethicone can only be found in a tablet form from Gelusil®. Gelusil®
uniquely delivers multi-symptom relief in a convenient foil pack.

Over 70 years young, Gelusil was one of the first OTC products available for treatment of the multisymptoms
of Heartburn, Acid Indigestion, Bloating Discomfort and Gas Pressure.

Re-launched in March 2011, over 1600 retail stores have added Gelusil® antacid/anti-gas tablets to
their shelves. Joining CVS stores and independent pharmacies, Publix Supermarkets, Weis Markets,
Kinney Drug, Savemart (CA) stores among others are now selling Gelusil.

Gelusil® is the “gold standard” for breakthrough heartburn rescue medication in clinical PPI/Acid
Reducer trials. With 46% of daily PPI users experiencing breakthrough heartburn symptoms and
supplementing with an otc antacid product1, Gelusil® is uniquely qualified to relieve the symptoms of
Heartburn and Gas.

For more information about Gelusil®, please visit the website: www.gelusil.com

WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corporation is a privately held company founded by Dr. Robert
Vukovich in 1999 and headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. WellSpring markets and distributes four
trusted over the counter brands, Emetrol®, Micatin®, Gelusil® and Glaxal Base® Skin Cream and
Lotion. WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corporation’s headquarters are located at 5911 North Honore
Avenue in Sarasota, FL.

Media Contact: Sean Griffin, Director, Sales & Marketing, Consumer Brands 941.312.4727 ext. 129
Emetrol Website: www.gelusil.com

1 Robinson M. Shaw K, Proton Pump Inhibitor Attitudes and Usage: A Patient Survey, P&T April
2002 Vol 27 :202-206