WELLSKIN Glaxal Base Voted #1 Recommended Brand by Pharmacists across Canada again this Year

Oakville, Ontario, May 4, 2009: WellSpring Pharmaceutical Canada
is proud to announce that the recent “2008 Over-the-Counter (OTC)
Counseling and Recommendation Survey” conducted by industry
magazine Drugstore Canada and l’actualite Pharmaceutique shows that
WELLSKIN Glaxal Base is the #1 recommended brand by
Pharmacists in the following categories:

  • #1 Moisturizer/Dry Skin
  • #1 Dermatological Skin Care
  • #1 Extremely Dry Skin Product

Glaxal Base cream is the optimal skin moisturizer for dry, aging and
sensitive skin, and Glaxal Base lotion is the ideal solution for everyday
skin care.

“We are, of course, thrilled that Glaxal Base has received this
recognition once again,” said Bonnie Feeney, President of WellSpring
Pharmaceutical Canada. “It makes us especially proud that the
Pharmacists of Canada have spoken and voted for us.

Receiving this sort of feedback from the experts we all rely on for advice of this
nature means that Glaxal Base truly is Canada’s favourite moisturizer.”

Used and recommended by Physicians and Pharmacists, Glaxal Base
has been clinically proven as an effective treatment for extreme skin
conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and the painful
dermatitis caused by radiation treatment. In fact, Glaxal Base is
recommended by a significant number of Canadian Radiation/Oncology

Glaxal Base is specially formulated to nurture and protect skin. The
oil-in-water emulsifying characteristics moisturize the skin by providing
a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to slow water loss and thus
increase the moisture content of the skin. Glaxal Base is
hypoallergenic, perfume-free, lanolin-free and non-greasy.

Glaxal Base has a 40-year history; this longevity can be attributed to
its effectiveness as a moisturizer. Glaxal Base creams and lotions are
more effective for long-term relief than products that simply lubricate
or grease the skin temporarily. Glaxal Base relieves dryness and its
thick consistency prevents moisture from leaving the skin. Also, unlike
many cosmetic moisturizers, Glaxal Base is hypoallergenic with no
perfumes and this minimizes irritation.

WELLSKIN Glaxal Base Cream is available in a 50g tube, 100g jar &
450g jar and as a Lotion in a 100g tube and a 227g tube, as well as a
Lotion with vitamin e in a 227g tube. WELLSKIN skin products
including Glaxal Base, Barriere Cream and Allenburys Soap are
available in pharmacies across Canada.

For more information, call 1-866-337-3500.

WellSpring Pharmaceutical Canada Corporation, located in Oakville,
Ontario, produces WELLSKIN Creams. The Facility, with 120
employees, produces more than 20 Over-the-Counter Products.
WellSpring Pharmaceutical Canada is owned by WellSpring
Pharmaceutical Corporation, a privately-held company founded by Dr.
Robert Vukovich in 1999, based in Sarasota, Florida.