WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corp. Achieves Green IT Certification

WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corporation today announced that it has been awarded the
Green Information Technology Certification from Anexio, Inc. The Green IT Certification is awarded to companies whose use
of Information Technology facilitates lower energy usage while reducing carbon emissions and operational costs.

Dr. Robert A. Vukovich, WellSpring President and CEO said, “WellSpring is pleased to partner with Anexio, Inc. in our
ongoing efforts to be environmentally friendly. At WellSpring, we believe it is important to maintain Green IT compliance.
WellSpring looks forward to further implementing cutting edge energy efficient solutions through our relationship with
Anexio, Inc.”

WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corp. achieved this certification by using a Green IT Certified Managed Services Provider. By
allowing their Managed Services Provider to deliver services using cutting edge remote management technologies, both
companies have reduced carbon emissions, energy consumption and have significantly reduced operating costs while
increasing profit margins.

As the world’s largest professional association and accrediting body for the Managed Services industry, the MSPAlliance has
developed a set of standards to achieve Green IT Certification. “Companies such as WellSpring deserve to be recognized for
their commitment to reduced carbon emissions, energy saving practices, and improved bottom line,” said Charles Weaver,
MSPAlliance president.

About WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corp.

WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corp has made the development, marketing and sales of niche prescription and OTC drug products
its strategic focus. The firm actively acquires pharmaceutical brands and enhances their value through the development of
product improvements and line extensions. The company recognizes the enduring therapeutic value of these products for
smaller groups of patients. WellSpring continues to acquire, produce and market a variety of popular niche products that are
used to treat disorders found in neonatology, cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

WellSpring is a privately held pharmaceutical company founded in 1999 by Dr. Robert A. Vukovich the firm’s CEO and
Chairman. Dr. Vukovich previously founded and managed Roberts Pharmaceutical Corporation of Eatontown, NJ until its
acquisition by Shire Pharmaceutical Group in 1999.

WellSpring owns and operates an FDA approved manufacturing plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Its administrative
headquarters are located in Sarasota, Florida. The firm provides contract manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical
industry to include prescription and OTC drug products for both the US and Canada.